Pyramids Origin

Pyramids Origin


This essay is for those who appreciate looking into Ancient Egypt's concepts and motivations, with facts and demonstrable reasoning.

Table of Content

01: Pyramidion real-world meaning.

02: Pyramidion Symbolic endowments.

03: Its Pyramid's significance.

04: The Benu Bird Association.

05: Pyramid in Hieroglyphs.


Pyramidion Dashur Red Pyramid

Pyramidion: Pyramid' Conceptual Design Origin.

Pyramidion Heron beak

Pyramidion: Just a Sundial, a sun tracking tool, functions by casting a shadow over an enclosure edge, However, it was the central Foundation of the organization of its time.

Pyramidion Heron beak

Since bones were abundant in desert lands and used before elaborate stone tools in early times, a sun-dried, straight and sturdy Heron-beak, could have come in hand as it projected a long, sharp and pointed shade needed such purposes.

Pyramidion Heron beak

For such, a clear reason why the Heron becomes so prominent in their Mythology.

Pyramidion Khepera Tem Ra Boats

Therefore, the Pyramidion also represents Sky symbolism, the upper part that has the exact Pyramid form, stands for the three Sun positions during the day, Morning, Mid-Day and afternoon suns represented by the Gods Khepera, Ra, and Tem.

Pyramidion Thot Khnemu

The design of this Pyramidion in particular shows that if there is a Day projection also is expected a corresponding a Night arrangement, related to a Lunar God or an invisible Night Sun, or a kind of Lord of the Dead.

Pyramidion Khepera Osiris

Reason to support the idea that the Pyramid's exterior was a temple dedicated to the Pharaohs Soul and spiritual being. Below, there also was another imaginary Place to worship the Pharaoh, bu this Body Spirit, as he was expected to become the God of the Death to later pass to be the God of Rebirth, both in a parallel dwelling place somewhere in the Sky.


Having a prominent emplacement in Pyramids sites (front and top) indicates that it also had great magical endowments, as a Sky's reciprocal communicating means.

Great Pyramid

The Pyramid's top segment like the Obelisks has a Pyramidion as a capstone, but the Pyramid body entirely takes the Pyramidion's shape. Nonetheless, they came up with the greatest commemorative solar watches ever made. An enormous House, in honor of their Gods and Lords.


La Casa del Ave Bennu

The Pyramidion was known as Ben Ben, The house of the Bennu Bird, the Heron was a symbol of rebirth, somewhere in the afterward. Being the pyramidion a tool to record the movements of the Sun, and because, the hieroglyphs house also means or represents a temple. Therefore, the Heron and the Pyramidion are representing a celestial allegory concerning the supposed Sun's daily rebirth and by so the Pharaoh's as well.

Osiris Anubis

When the Pharaoh had passed away, was thought to became a God of the Death or Night Sun, to transform again, the next day into Ra the Sun God. Symbolizing: The Pharaoh as God of everlasting life.

Bennu Bierd Osiris

Thinking that he would become a God like Osiris, a god identified with the Bennu bird. Therefore, in Annu (Heliopolis, the City of the Sun in Greek) mythology, Egyptians used the Pyramidion to represent the Eternal life in a temple to the Sun "The house of the Bennu Bird," somewhere in Heaven.

Bennu Bird Horus

In later times Egyptians associated the Bennu Bird (Heron) with the Horus Hawk God. In later times Egyptians associated the Bennu Bird (Heron) with the Horus Hawk God.
Believing that Osiris as a Bennu could transform at dawn into the Sun God, during a comparable sky transition when the night becomes a day at sunrise.

Anubis Bennu Bird

Because the Heron also is represented with the Sun disk on top of his head, did mean that the Bennu equally had Ra's Day Rebirth power.

Heron Benu Bird

Since planning in time got vital importance not only to build the Pyramids but to organize and develop the economic infrastructure to reach that goal, the Pyramidion, did influence even in the construction of their kings Temple Tomb Design.
Therefore, Pharaohs had to be buried alone in Pyramids, representing the Bennu Bird eternal dwelling place.


A Skies' characteristic related to the Bennu is their daily presence, during the Day they are alone as the Sun. Instead, at night, they gather together in a large community using a single tree and because the most common herons are white. They were related to the stars at night.

Pharaoh Kheops Khufu Name

In time and places the god's name and figure changed. However, the ideas perdured beyond that.

Pyramids Name

Therefore, when stone masonry became significant, the hieroglyphs chisel another valuable tool at the moment; came into use for writing Pyramid. However, with a Pyramidion Hieroglyph at the end, determining that it meant Pyramid.

Pyramids Name

Finally, the word in hieroglyphs for Pyramid at times is also written, with a Chisel(reads MR), an Owl, and a Moth (also MR), likely pronounced Mer Mer rather than Ben Ben.

Pyramids Name

Even that their names read different and enormously diverse in size, they are equally the same, because as facts show, a Pyramid is nothing but a functional Pyramidion!